Social Care For Physical Improvement (SCPI) is a 15-months Strategic partnership in the field of youth project focusing on supporting youth workers working with people with disabilities (motor disorders; eye impaired); students with spinal distortion and flat foot problems. Disabled youngsters are socially excluded in terms of sports. The project aims to develop interpersonal, leadership, non-formal learning through Sport (NFLTS) skills and approaches in order to empower and involve young groups to actively participate in social, sport and similar events.

At the same time, participants will gain effective and applicable APAS instruments. SCPI aims at capitalizing on the potential of NFLTS in connection with learning approaches centered on experiential learning, mentoring and innovative methodology Adapted physical activity and sports – APAS as tools for social integration, empowerment and improvement of disabled young people health and lives. The direct target group is made up of youth operators and educators aged 18-30 years old from consortium organizations.

SCPI will achieve its aim by implementing 2 training mobilities, 2 transnational project meetings and dissemination activities in the local community of the participating organisations.

The first project meeting was the Kick-off meeting, which was held in London (UK) in March 2019, as it had the following objectives:

– To provide a field for all partners to meet in person

– To plan and set all logistics of the project

– To plan in details the upcoming activities and actions to be taken

– To brainstorm on possibilities on how to reach even beyond the planned


The first Learning Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA) was held in Bulgaria in June 2019 with the aim to demonstrate theoretical and practical aspects of Adapted physical activity and sports (APAS), which has tools for social integration, empowerment and improvement of disabled young people health and lives. The program included:

  1. Hippotherapy – theory and practical exercises at the Horse base Khan Asparuh. Participants received certificates of attendance in the training.
  2. Aquatic sports for physically disabled youth – theory and practice at the swimming complex Madara.
  3. Taekwondo and Fitness – theory and practice.

The second Learning Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA) was held in Nis (Serbia) in October 2019 with the aim to present swimming activities for young people with disabilities.

On the first day, theoretical lectures and practical exercises were held at the Cair Sports Center, which aimed to present the Halliwick method that enables people with severe disabilities to learn how to swim in the most efficient and safest possible way.

On the second day, the focus was on the Paralympic swimming. The theoretical part of the lecture explained the rules and classification of swimmers with disabilities. At the pool, swimmers have demonstrated their swimming techniques. Participants got explanations how swimming technique can be modified in relation to the type of disability in order to achieve the best possible competitive results for swimmers.

On the third day, a theoretical lecture was held on the topic of Golbal, one of the most popular sports for the people with visual impairment. In addition, a practical demonstration was carried out at the small hall of the Čair Sports Center with an emphasis on the technical and tactical elements of the game in attack and defense phases.

You can find the E-brochure with project summary, results and mainly training activities that you can use for your work with youth!